if you did raise your voice by voting, or if you are prevented from voting you have no basis on which to raise your voice and criticize the government for the decisions it makes and directions it goes. Voting is not a replacement for being the cultural conscience, but it is the first step in doing so. Faith communities want to call our leaders to account for their actions and decisions, and the first step in having the right to do so is to get out and vote.


We must raise our voices for the causes we believe in, and facilitate others to do so also. One way we do this is to vote in the United States.

Whenever we hear individuals complain about the direction of our government, the first question we can ask them is, “Did you vote in the last election?” If they say “No,” then  move  negativity into positive social action and facilitate them to register to vote or assist them in getting to the voting booth, so they can vote. Removing barriers to voting is an essential social action available to us here in the U. S. A.

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